The TAS System:
  • Provides Formative/Summative approach
  • Quickly displays evaluation criteria
  • Generates numerical data and summary reports
  • Allows principals to measure and improve performance
  • Generates solid documentation of the appraisal process
TAS was developed by Employee Evaluation Systems, Inc., a leader in school employee appraisals since 1988. TAS has been professionally developed and fine-tuned to accommodate a number of evaluation criteria in an intuitive and manageable format. This research-based appraisal program was designed with the involvement of teachers and principals to ensure a useful and productive evaluation system. Currently, principals are using TAS to conduct thousands of teacher observations each month.


Make your evaluation system as mobile as you are. TAS Teacher Appraisal System is quick and easy to use, saving time and paperwork and allowing you to document what you observe "on the go."

Shorter, more frequent classroom observations:

  • Save time for the principal
  • Capture realistic snapshots of classroom performance
  • Enhance accountability
  • Reduce anxiety for the teacher
  • Replace lengthy, cumbersome evaluation
  • Walk-though method of evaluation